The mission of our dance program is to help students become confident, disciplined, respectful, self-loving young adults, and to empower them to recognize and reach their utmost potential. Our classroom environment is both nurturing and demanding; a home where there is room for love and growth with the highest expectations for effort, discipline, and respect. Students will be assisted in recognizing their talents and guided through their obstacles so that they may reach their fullest potential.


 Ballet develops poise, grace and confidence due to a sense of expressive and physical accomplishment. Ballet is a highly technical and structured form of dance. Students will gain an understanding of the history, terminology and proper ballet technique. Classes begin with barre work, moving into center and across the floor progressions.


 Lyrical dance is a modern dance form which fuses modern dance, jazz, and ballet. Lyrical dance is often referred to as contemporary dance. It requires excellent technique to perform, as the moves are often difficult and precise. Moreover, the dancer must be well aware of facial expressions – essentially acting – to properly perform a lyrical dance piece.


 Jazz is an introduction to the Broadway, funk, theater, and hip-hop styles of jazz with emphasis on proper jazz technique. Classes will include warm-ups, isolations, locomotive movement, and center combination.


 Learn the All-American dance form. Develop strength, flexibility, and coordination while improving rhythmical awareness. Students will learn to make rhythmic and syncopated sounds with their feet.


 Join our dance crew and learn the hottest form of dance. Hip Hop combines jazz, street dance, and funk. Students will start class with strength and conditioning and then learn combinations and choreography influenced by dance videos and hip hop music.


Flamenco is a style of music and dance which is considered part of the culture of Spain, although it is actually native to only one region: Andalusia.